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Your customers will love the visual effects of our streamers and confetti, but you'll love the profit-friendly pricing you get with our wholesale confetti, streamers, and other products!


Amaze everyone with these fun, simple-to-use confetti products for sale. Our Flutter FETTI® Confetti Sticks, Firecracklers™ and other confetti products add the "WOW" effect to weddings, receptions, birthdays, or any special occasion!

Now YOUR customers can enjoy the fun and magic only Flutter FETTI® products provide!

Distributor Sales Information

If you are interested in becoming a domestic or international distributor of Flutter Fetti® Fun Factory confetti and party supplies, wholesale distributorships are available. Call (877)321-1999 or email us now.

The Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory
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Toll-Free: 877-321-1999
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Company name: Southeastproaudio LLC.
Contact Name: Brian Weaver
Phone number: 601-502-4979 


Company name: AFX Pro, LLC
Contact Name: David L. Spear
Phone Number: 504.415.2660
Address: New Orleans, Louisiana


Company name: Confetti FX, LLC
Contact Name: Richard Tanimoto / John VanKeeken
Toll Free FAX: 877.6.CONFETTI or 877.626.6338
Adddress: 1175 N. Red Gum Anaheim, CA 92805


Boland Production Supply
Contact Name: Mal Boland/David S. Hays
Phone number: 863-324-7784
Address: Winter Haven, FL



Company Name: Asesoría y eventos Dennis silva EIRL
Contact Name: Dennis Silva
Phone number: +56981252856
Address: Address Avenida Narváez s/n olmue casilla 143 



Become a Flutter FETTI Confetti DistributorA Fantastic Business Opportunity! At Flutter FETTI, we market our innovative Confetti and Streamer party and event products through our in-house salespeople and this website, but we also continue to build an extensive national network of independent distributors. If you would like to join this network, you will have discovered a flexible and lucrative way to work for yourself.As a Flutter FETTI Independent Distributor, you will:

  • Sell a fun product that brings joy and excitement to your customers
  • Find your earnings limited only by how hard you work
  • Represent a well-respected company that built its name through innovative products, quality, and customer service
  • Feel no pressure to recruit other distributors
  • Enjoy a diverse potential customer base
  • Keep your home or office clutter-free because you never store the products you sell

Who Buys Flutter FETTI Confetti? You've no doubt seen Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers in action already. Our products have added pizzazz to superstar concerts, professional football games, amusement park parades, TV and film productions, and popular Broadway shows. But Flutter FETTI will add the same amazing visual effects to events in your community. Occasions where Flutter FETTI Confetti can add excitement include:

So who might be a potential customer for Flutter FETTI confetti? Anyone putting on an event, a show, a celebration or a party. That encompasses brides and their mothers, high school coaches, local theatre directors, civic groups, event planners, concert promoters, business owners, non-profit leaders, and church organizers. It includes all the people in your community who are planning a celebration. An Explosion of Products! If you don't know confetti and streamers like we do, you might be surprised how many wonderful types are available. Flutter FETTI has developed a range of confetti products to offer fantastic visual effects suitable for all sorts of venues. Here are a few:

  • Flutter FETTI - Our flagship product, Flutter FETTI is a rectangular-shaped confetti that is aerodynamically designed to flutter, fly, and float in the air.
  • Corkscrews - This triangular-shaped tissue spirals downward like whirlybirds for a particularly pretty effect.
  • Streamers - As they course through the air, streamers billow out gracefully for a gorgeous, big look. We make streamers in various lengths and widths to create different effects in spaces large and small. We also lace in various surprises so as each streamer unrolls marvelous tissue or metallic products float gently out of each streamer.
  • Die cut - Your customers can choose fun and whimsical shapes such as butterflies, hearts, and rose petals. Shapes can be custom ordered.
  • Party favors - Handheld tubes with pom-poms send out confetti with a flick of the wrist. Wedding FETTI is the perfect special effectfor that memorable day. Finger Slingers, which require no cleanup at all, are another way to add life to a party.

Customers can order Flutter FETTI to match bridal decor, school colors, or whichever colors an event calls for. Along with our different products, Flutter FETTI offers exciting ways to release the confetti:

  • Co2 Launchers - These use C02 charges to shoot confetti as high as one hundred feet high into the air.
  • Hand-Flick Confetti Launchers - Hand-flick confetti launchers are easy to operate by party guests with just a "flick of the wrist".
  • Hand-Held Co2 Launchers - Using a carbon-dioxide charge, these launchers dramatically send streamers high in the air.
  • Continuous Flow Launchers - Each second, this product blows a pound of confetti one hundred feet up.
  • Surprise Boxes - Using carbon dioxide, this continuous flow delivery system launches the product as soon as the box is opened. Using die-cut butterfly confetti, it's a great way to simulate a butterfly release at a wedding.
  • Remote-Control launchers - A nine-barrel pod that shoots streamers 85 feet into the air simulates fireworks.
  • Table-Top Launchers - Ideal for banquet halls, this system releases confetti from tables throughout a room. It is wireless and battery operated.
  • X6 Double-Barrel Launchers - Using electricity, this amazing launcher shoots metallic streamers 100 feet high.

A Great Confetti Distributor Agreement Under our distributor agreement, you receive the best prices we offer, even lower than our wholesale prices, and you are free to price the products as you wish. When you make a sale, we ship the product directly to your customers, so you never have to provide storage. In addition, our products are shipped "blind, - meaning that your name appears on the shipment, not ours. We allow you to use any video, photo, or text from our website on your own website. As part of the distributor agreement, you must agree to purchase a minimum amount of Flutter FETTI confetti products per year.